Investor Insights: Grant Allen * Professional Business Plan Consulting

An Inside Look at SE Ventures

SE Ventures can provide startups with access to SE’s global market reach, insights and customer relationships. They act as an advisor, investor, and strategic accelerant for category-defining startups spanning energy, mobility, proptech, cybersecurity, industrial IoT, and automation software.

Get the Insight You Need to Make Your Startup a Success

During our interview, Grant shared how SE Ventures is helping startups bring their business ideas to life. In addition to this, Grant also offered success tips and points of advice for startup founders and teams, including:

  • How Silicon investors are becoming more accessible.
  • How to pitch a startup to a corporate investor.
  • What to research about your investor before you pitch.
  • What SE Ventures looks for in great entrepreneurs.
  • His insight on the parallels between what it takes to run a successful 501c compared to a for-profit business.



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Ashley Cheeks


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