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Startups are looking for investors to provide them funding for their business ideas. In fact, some are able to find investors that offer something more — like the team at Brightlane Ventures.

Startups are looking for investors to provide them funding for their business ideas. In fact, some are able to find investors that offer something more — like the team at Brightlane Ventures.

Anish Patel and his firm play a key role in the venture capital (VC) landscape as they align people with more than just money. The firm was born from some of the world’s best recruiting entities. Brightlane focuses heavily on how to hire founding team talent and personnel. They offer solutions to critical issues that startups face as they grow. For instance, they help with efficient and effective hiring, and issues with team expansion.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs showed us some very valuable insights. Who is on your founding team and how you continue to hire, matters to the success of your startup.

A Behind the Scenes Glimpse at Brightlane Ventures

Brightlane Ventures offers a brand new solution for startups. The company is a seed-stage fund that invests in early stage consumer-tech startups. They provide valuable connections, hiring solutions, and capital support ranging anywhere from $25,000 to $300,000.

The Brightlane Ventures team is backed by Collabera, a full service IT solutions firm built from scratch. Furthermore, their firm has over 16,000 employees in 70 countries driving $800m in revenue annually.

Brightlane Ventures is an entrepreneur-driven fund aiming to build relationships with startups in the B2C and B2B2C space. They are located in New York, servicing the globe, with special access to India markets.

While the primary focus of the business is providing funding to startups, there are four other key areas that remain high priority for the Brightlane team.

Finding Top Talent

Startups that work with Brightlane are granted access to 10 million current, worldwide tech resumes as well as their own recruiting services. This gives them the same edge Brightlane provides to 157 companies on the Fortune 500.


Brightlane leverages the hundreds of tech talents available at Collabera to help their startups during transitional periods. They support nearly every industry and can move mountains to assist in high priority builds.

Superior Support

Startups can leverage Brightlane’s vast network of strategy experts. For example, they can conduct market analysis, profile consumers, dive into customer journeys, and more. Help is there in order to best position them for success.

International Expertise

Using their international expertise, Brightlane helps their startups launch products and/or services in the complex Indian market. Also they help with developing go-to-market strategies and sourcing the right talent locally to execute.

An Incredible Lineup of Founders

To give you an idea of the awesome types of businesses that Brightlane Ventures targets for investing, some of the startups in their portfolio include:

  • Avail Finance: A startup using an AI-powered platform to score and approve loans.
  • Homestead: A finance company that finances and manages the conversions of garages into apartments.
  • Matchabar: Offering matcha green tea products for energy and wellness.
  • Offsight: A Project management platform for the modular construction space.
  • PrizePicks: A platform where fans can quickly and easily predict how their favorite players will perform on a given day.
  • Propelld: An education financing platform for students. It is based on the student’s potential, not traditional metrics like credit score or work history.
  • RedWing Labs: Drone delivery using vertical take off and landing drones to transport valuable and necessary items.
  • StyleCracker: A fashion tech startup that blends AI, machine learning and celebrity styling to curate personalized clothing and accessory boxes.

The Wisdom of the Seasoned Investor

In this segment of our Investor Insights series, Anish gives us a behind the scenes look at Brightlane Ventures. What’s more, in additional segments, he provides his take on several important investor topics including:

  • Tips for growing an adaptable business.
  • How to address having a failed business in your past.
  • Finding your product market fit.
  • How investors view startup valuations.
  • What to look for in a cofounder for your startup.

Want to learn more about Brightlane Ventures? Visit their website right here.

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