EATABLE Soars to New Heights with a Written Success Business Plan

Written Success Gets EATABLE on the Right Path

Thinking the product would appeal to health-conscious individuals like themselves, they decided to enter their all-natural,

Stepping into the Dragon’s Den

In what many entrepreneurs consider to be the ultimate opportunity, Charlene and Vincent also used their new business plan to secure themselves a spot on the Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank) to pitch their product.

Positioning EATABLE, INC. for the Future

Now with the business plan in place, a loan secured, and some great national exposure, EATABLE is growing at a rapid rate.

With an Eye Towards Expansion

With future plans to move their sales into the U.S. market, continuing to expand is a top priority for Charlene and Vincent. But with such a unique product, they know that they will need to do everything they can to get their all-natural, alcohol-infused popcorn in front of as many consumers as possible.



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Ashley Cheeks

Ashley Cheeks


Mom | Wife | Author | Speaker | Founder — Ashley helps entrepreneurs with great business plans & pitches so they can get funded. Visit